Secure Online Backup

Protect your business with our easy to use cloud based backup and disaster recovery

Using vBridge’s Cloud Connect Backup service, you’ll never have to worry about data protection again.

Someone has to protect your data. With the ease of use and security of vBridge Cloud Connect secure cloud backup service, that someone doesn’t have to be you. Our goal is to empower your business with IT you can count on, no matter what.

That’s why we’ve made it easy to manage backups with vBridge Cloud Connect, a fully integrated secure online backup service that lets you back up all your data to a secure off-site location. Natural disaster, cyber security breach – nothing can threaten your business data when it’s securely stored with Cloud Connect.

Not only that, but you’re in total control with the advanced features of our cloud based backup solution.


A disaster recovery platform that lets you sleep at night

Full integration: Cloud Connect gives your business a fully integrated, secure, and fast way to backup and restore from the cloud, whether you have an on-site, cloud, or hybrid system for your business operations.

Modern backup architecture: Veeam Cloud Connect was built with advanced features including forever incremental backups, GFS retention policies, and Backup Copy jobs with Built-in WAN Acceleration.

End-to-end encryption: All data is encrypted before it leaves your network perimeter, in flight, and at rest – which means your data is secure during every step of backup or recovery.

Seamless management: With vBridge’s solution, you can deploy, manage quotas, and easily configure data recovery and replication from a single console.

Total visibility:Your data is available from anywhere – we told you we live to make operating your business in the modern, connected world a breeze.


Online Backup made simple

We make experiencing efficient, fast, secure backup with Cloud Connect easy. All you do is point your backups to the vBridge hosted backup repository. That’s it – and all your applications and data are safe and sound in the cloud. And, there’s no need to spend money on your own off-site business continuity environment.

Need to recover your data? No problem. With the click of a button, you can bring your data back to life. Disaster recovery has never been so simple – or so dependable.


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Our Clients

vBridge hosts a wide range of clients from small local businesses, up to international businesses, who operate around the globe. All of our clients benefit from our high-level, cost effective and reliable NZ based hosting solution.