A big win for Wynn Williams

Region NZ

Industry Law

Employees 100 - 500

Key Benefits

  • Applications and data configured to mitigate risk
  • Boosted the overall performance of internal systems
  • Solution driven by customer needs rather than the supplier's offerings
  • Vastly improved level of customer care
Customer Profile

Wynn Williams is a well-respected law firm who employ approximately one hundred staff with offices in Christchurch and Auckland. The law firm offers a full range of legal services and relies on information technology to run their business effectively, in particular, their ‘line of business application’ Infinitylaw. Infinitylaw is an end-to-end practise management system that securely stores all client information. This includes the work done for those clients, financials and billing data, and is where all the actual documents are saved. Needless to say, it is critical to Wynn Williams’s business and without it, they can’t operate.

Challenges & Goals

Wynn Williams’s servers were hosted by another cloud provider who hadn’t been meeting their expectations for performance, reliability, or customer service. After an extended outage left all of Wynn Williams’s applications (including Infinitylaw) unavailable to them, the law firm began to look at other options to ensure the situation did not happen again.


CodeBlue, Wynn Williams’s trusted service provider, switched their strategic cloud partnership over to vBridge. Together they developed an elegant solution that was driven by Wynn Williams’s needs rather than the supplier’s offerings. Key to the solution was ensuring an outage would not affect the availability of Wynn Williams’s systems.

Now the law firm’s applications and data are configured to be available from vBridge’s two main hosting sites in Christchurch and Auckland. So in the event of a failure, Wynn Williams can continue business with very little downtime or data loss. Not only this, migrating their servers over to vBridge’s far superior environment has boosted the overall performance of Wynn Williams’s internal systems.

Results & Return

Wynn Williams now have the confidence they have taken all the necessary steps to ensure their business stays online and obligations to their clients’ needs are met. Furthermore, the moment Wynn Williams’s infrastructure moved over to vBridge’s faster, more reliable environment, the daily troubleshooting phone calls around stability and performance issues stopped completely. So instead of fighting fires on the operational side, the IT team spend more time working on new and innovative business-related projects and have the infrastructure in place to support those projects.

Wynn Williams’s applications are noticeably faster and more responsive. Users have commented that delays in application performance, which had caused endless frustration, have vanished and the systems are now super-fast. Microsoft Word went from opening in twenty seconds down to two seconds!

Apart from the techie side, working with a provider who is empathetic, cognisant and has proper communication processes in place, has vastly improved the level of customer care. Failures happen, but having the foresight to mitigate risk, coupled with personal support and proper communication processes in place, is the real difference.

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