Landpower enjoy seamless transition to cloud

Region NZ & Australia

Industry Agriculture

Employees 100 - 500

Key Benefits

  • Productivity gains, time and cost savings - by outsourcing their hardware and IT infrastructure, Landpower’s Management Information Services (MIS) team can concentrate on its core skills and be more focussed on meeting business needs.
  • Scalability – the flexibility to add capacity, provide security and have high systems availability as the business grows, is imperative and has been simple.
  • Collaboration, service and trust - vBridge worked collaboratively with Landpower to meet its technology and business needs, and are considered a trusted advisor.
  • Ease of doing business - vBridge and Landpower share aligned company culture, values and ethics making it easy to work together.
Challenges & Goals

Landpower engaged the services of vBridge when it relocated its head office to new purpose-built premises in Christchurch in September 2011. Landpower sought a reliable infrastructure provider and cloud hosting solution to support a smooth transition to its new office.

Landpower has a small MIS team so were keen to outsource their hardware platform so staff could focus on their core competencies. Landpower wanted its MIS team to be able to concentrate on the business from a service point of view, in particular aligning with business processes and focusing on key internal information systems and services.

Landpower’s goals

  • Landpower wanted a hosting solution that was powerful and reliable to ensure that it could deliver on its promise to customers.
  • The company needed technology that could grow with it, while delivering everything from business-as-usual transactions to comprehensive business intelligence analysis.
  • Systems availability – a highly available and reliable service with high performance was required.
  • Landpower wanted a service provider that fitted with its company values and understood what it was trying to achieve.
  • A desire for ongoing support and other technology advice.
Results & Return

Since the move to vBridge’s hosting facility Landpower, in particular its MIS team, has peace of mind that tasks such as server maintenance, patching, overheads and backups are taken care of at the right time and with the right change control processes. This allows the Landpower MIS team to focus on what it does best – supporting the business.

vBridge knows its key capabilities, not attempting to be everything to everybody. They only offer cloud hosting. So Landpower got exactly that, along with the best service and delivery.

Landpower described vBridge as responsive and that they share a great relationship. “They are professional, objective, honest, ethical and always point us in the right direction.”

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