Selwyn District Council meet the current and future needs of a growing community

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Employees 100 - 500

Key Benefits

  • Seamless migration
  • Meet the current and future needs of a growing community
They made it easy. Easy to engage, easy to plan and easy to cutover. Nothing is an issue, everything is achievable in a cost-effective manner. Neil Cookeson
Customer Profile

Selwyn is one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing districts and currently has a population of approximately 54,000 people from the hill country to the plains. Selwyn District Council (SDC) has a duty to provide good-quality local infrastructure and public services, and to perform regulatory functions in a way that is most cost-effective for households and businesses.

Being a territorial authority with Civil Defence requirements, SDC systems need a high-level of resilience against any threat. SDC’s mandate is to ensure the systems are available 24/7 and be able to respond and assist during emergency events and recovery processes.

Challenges & Goals

The Council’s ever-increasing requirements had put a strain on their ageing onsite IT infrastructure and IT team. Running low on storage and resources, SDC knew that moving to an IaaS platform was the right move to meet the current and future needs of a growing

Selwyn District Council engaged a third-party cloud supplier to assist them but found their internal systems were complicated and frustrating. SDC knew what they needed but were battling to get there. They were looking for something that was easy and just worked.

It was then, that Selwyn District Council decided to engage with vBridge.


vBridge stepped in with their base offering of backing up and securing data which gave Selwyn District Council the protection they needed.

By making it easy to engage, easy to plan and easy to cutover, the migration of the data from the old supplier was as straightforward as it should be. vBridge explained the process and then delivered on their promises. When SDC’s need for more IT services arose, vBridge took the opportunity with both hands. vBridge quickly demonstrated that they are cost-effective, easy to work with, willing to assist, do what they say, and are able to make everything work as it should.

Results & Return

Selwyn District Council has peace of mind, as their data is secure and protected, their websites and other systems are available 24/7, and they are able to provide a seamless service during any event.

Besides keeping the lights on, SDC has found working with vBridge a breath of fresh air after the pain of past experiences. vBridge is quick to respond to every requirement in a cost-effective manner. No fuss. No hassles.

The speed of the servers and service means SDC is able to confidently do more for their ratepayers, giving them the opportunity to offer new services and be seen as an innovative and effective Council.

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